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Best Diamond Bracelets : This yellow-diamond choker—inlaid with white jade and decorated with diamonds—exemplifies the style of Bogh-Art’s designs
Best Diamond Bracelets : Buccellati Cuff Bracelet ... rubies, diamonds and gold!
Best Diamond Bracelets : repost via @instarepost20 from @jahan_official One&only dazzling Colombian emerald and diamond bracelet #jahandiamonds #jewelry #instarepost20
Best Diamond Bracelets : The Shining Light Awards honored designs that celebrated diamonds from South Africa. Jewelry designer and student of Tshwane University (South Africa) Joyce Coetzee, who took top prize for the design pictured, described her diamond piece as mystical, swirling, gaseous fissures emitted by volcanic vents....
Best Diamond Bracelets : An impressive and highly important diamond ornament from the collection of the Russian Imperial Family, Russia, 2nd half of the 18th century. Consisting of an articulated band mounted in silver with a row of twenty-seven graduated cushion-shaped diamonds in open settings within a border...
Best Diamond Bracelets : Christies diamonds and emeralds #Repost from @Alysha Cauffman Cauffman Cauffman Schmidt Dratch Cafiero with @repostapp
Best Diamond Bracelets : Halaby Flamingo Bracelet
Best Diamond Bracelets : RUBY AND DIAMOND BRACELET, Sotheby’s.
Best Diamond Bracelets : -Amethyst and Diamond Square Bangle Bracelet. Set with 153.12 carats of amethyst and 2.85 carats of diamonds.♥


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